AC Maintenance In Woodstock

Owning an air conditioner necessitates contacting a professional HVAC specialist to ensure that it functions efficiently and runs smoothly in the long run. To ensure that your system does not create unwanted problems during the summer season, you must be familiar with Woodstock’s top-quality services for AC maintenance.
As a responsible owner, you must be well-versed with the significance of designing a maintenance schedule, its benefits, the components that your technician must work on, and a small checklist that reflects the multi-step process.

The Benefits Of Maintaining The AC

Although employing the regular servicing of your AC may cost you a few dollars, it is critical to consider that it brings in a slew of advantages in the long run. It aids in curbing the operational costs while also enhancing the system’s longevity.

  • Maintenance minimizes and takes care of the wear and tear that various parts face.
  • It boosts the levels of indoor air quality alongside controlling the humidity levels of your room.
  • Better indoor air quality means that your family members will not face respiratory illnesses, such as breathing problems and allergies.
  • Proactive maintenance also helps in eliminating the pests and insects from your space.
  • It will also help you beat the foul smell in your home.
  • It significantly lowers the chances of an unexpected breakdown of the air-conditioner.
Important Parts Of The Air Conditioner That Require Special Attention

If you know what parts of the system need to be taken the most care of, you can better ensure the health of your air-conditioner. Following are the parts that require special attention by a specialist.

  • Filters: As the name suggests, air filters purify the indoor air. Maintenance includes cleaning and replacing the filters for efficient working. It ensures that there are no allergens or bacteria and also facilitates a smooth airflow in the system.

  • Evaporator Coils and Condenser Coils: Over time, these coils collect dirt and dust, negatively affecting the heat absorption, thus leading to inefficient cooling. One can easily see the dirt on these coils and clean them with the right equipment. However, it is advisable to seek professional assistance for better results. Also, keep the area around the system free from debris to avoid this problem.

  • Fins: The fins near the coils sometimes bend, blocking airflow. Use a fin comb to straighten the fins and improve airflow.

  • Drains: The drain pipes carry water from the system outside your home. However, if the drain pan gets full or the drain pipes have blockages, the water does not go out but stays in the pipes and nurtures bacterial growth. Your professional technician will unclog the drains to avoid such issues in the future.

  • Insulation: An efficient air conditioner will not cool your home if your doors and windows do not have proper insulation. Therefore, make sure to seal your windows and insulate your home as much as possible to ensure that your system does not have to work harder.
Checklist For An Effective AC Maintenance, Woodstock

We suggest you create an itemized checklist for effective handling of the maintenance of your air-conditioner. You may include the following items to ensure cohesive upkeep sessions.

  • Refilling refrigerant and testing for leaks
  • Checking for leaks in ducts and vents
  • Inspecting airflow through evaporator coils
  • Tightening electrical and wiring connections for increased safety
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Inspecting the thermostat

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