9 Tips To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Cold Weather

With the chilly winters settling in, we are sure you must be getting ready and looking forward to sitting in your homes and enjoying the warmth that your HVAC system will provide you. But is your HVAC system ready to serve you?

After a long summer, when heaters are not used much, your heating system might not give you the best response when you switch it on during the winter. To avoid such situations, you must take good care of your heating system even before the winters approach. Here are 9 tips for you to get your system ready for cold weather.

1.  Check the Thermostat

Check out if your thermostat is working properly before the weather changes. Change the settings from cooling to heating, and you should be able to hear the heater working. Let the stale air out so that you don’t get an odour afterwards. If the heating does not start, it might be time to call your HVAC professional for a heating replacement in Cumming, GA.

2.  Change Filters

You should change the air filter regularly to avoid the collected dust blocking the airways. Blocked airways just take up more energy of the unit to give out the same heating effect, which can lead to a rise in the bills.

3.  Cover the Condenser Unit

Protect your condenser from the ice or debris that might fall on it during winters. Covering the top with a wooden panel generally does the trick.

4.  Have your Chimney Serviced

Your chimney also might have built-in flammable substances throughout the year. Hence it is a good idea to have them cleaned by a professional before the heater is used.

5.  Check the Ignitor Switch

If you own a gas furnace, check for the ignitor switch, and make sure it is blue. A yellow ignitor flame means there is some problem with the system and should be checked immediately.

6.  Inspect the Carbon Monoxide Detector

The deadly gas, carbon monoxide, is a silent killer, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that the detector is always in working condition.

7.  Service the Motor Blower

Like all machinery parts, the motor blower also needs regular oiling and servicing. Servicing before the winters might be a good idea so that you do not suffer afterwards.

8.  Get your HVAC Unit Tuned Up

Instead of checking for individual parts that might require a lot of time, it might be good to get a tune-up for your HVAC system altogether to identify the issues and avoid them for the season.

9.  Share the Workload

Don’t let your HVAC system do all the heavy lifting. Help it out by taking other measures to be warm, like setting up thicker curtains and allowing sunlight in your house in the sunny hours to warm up your place.

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