5 Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner After A Power Outage

After hours of suffering in the searing heat, you want that air conditioner back on, and the instant electricity is restored. Unfortunately, many people may discover that their air conditioner will not turn around. The issue is usually resolved by correctly resetting the circuit breaker in the air conditioning system.

Why do you need to reset your ac unit?

The most typical reason for an AC unit requiring a reset is when the AC unit’s protective circuit breaker trips. It is usually done after a power outage to prevent fires and explosions.

While an air conditioner only blows warm air when the thermostat is set to “cold,” we must reset any hvac form in Suwanee or any other place. There are several reasons why your air conditioner is blowing heated air, but one is a faulty thermostat.
A hard reset of your air conditioner will sometimes cure the problem.

While resetting an air unit is easy for people who know about it, if you feel it is difficult or need assistance, for ac replacement in Suwanee or other places, you better go for professional help.

While resetting an air conditioner is a simple procedure, if you are unsure or uncomfortable, please seek the assistance of an HVAC expert. Follow the easy instructions below if you are familiar with your AC unit and feel comfortable moving further.

Five Simple Steps to Reset Your Air Conditioner

1. Turn Off Your Thermostat

First, set your thermostat to “off” so that your air conditioner doesn’t try to switch on until you’ve checked your breaker panel.

2. Reset the Breaker

It’s conceivable that a power surge strained your air conditioner’s circuit too hard, causing the breaker to trip. Locate your breaker box, then look for a label that reads “air conditioner” or “HVAC.”
Please deactivate the breaker, wait a few seconds, and then reactivate it.

3. Allow 30 Minutes

Yes, this section sounds dreadful, but it is essential. Your air conditioner needs time to reset its internal circuits, which generally takes approximately half an hour. It is critical first to switch off your thermostat.

4. Turn on the Air Conditioning System at the Thermostat

Return to the thermostat and turn your air conditioner back on after half an hour. If it properly resets, it typically signifies that your air conditioning system was not damaged due to the power loss.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

If you’ve followed all of these methods and your air conditioner still won’t switch on, you may have a more significant problem with your system. Because the issue might be with one of your electrical components, you should contact an expert right once to get it diagnosed.

If you cannot replace ac parts or HVAC repair for an air conditioner after a power interruption, don’t hesitate to contact us at (770) 746-6727. At Staton heating and air, one of our specialists can determine what went wrong with your AC system and get you back on the road to cool air.