5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Unit Isn’t Igniting

The old furnaces are exquisite and thrilling, but keeping them up-to-date is a bit costly. The new, energy-efficient furnace models are better than the old ones. At the same time, new technologies have different issues. Every year the furnace needs repairing or heating replacement.

No matter the model, one of the stressful issues is that the furnace doesn’t ignite up. However, if we know why the furnace stopped working, there is hope for a solution.

Possible problems in the furnace

Let’s learn about the problems that might have stopped the furnace from igniting and caused distress to the system.

1. Insufficient Supply of Energy

It is the most obvious reason of all the reasons stated here. The furnace will not work if the energy fuel is empty. So, first, make sure the energy source tank is full.

2. The Unclean Ignition Source Area

It is the second most obvious reason of all. Due to dust and debris, the ignition source area gets blocked. The energy fuel finds it tough to make its way for the reaction to complete. Due to insufficient energy fuel in the ignition area, the ignition process never starts.

3. The Dirty and Clogged Air Filter of the Furnace

Many times, due to a clogged air filter, the furnace finds it difficult to burn and ignite up. Due to blocked airways, the heating appliance doesn’t get the main air component required. That’s why the furnace doesn’t ignite up.

4. The Fault of a High Limit Switch

The main reason behind this is clogged filters. The high limit trips down and shuts down the furnace automatically. The heated air doesn’t find a way to escape into the atmosphere due to a clogged air filter. It results in the trapping of the heated air inside the furnace. The overall temperature of the furnace increases, and it alarms the high limit switch.

5. Defective Thermostat

Sometimes it is the fault of a defective thermostat. When a furnace starts, a lot of parts are working within the system. Then, the temperature sets the furnace in motion to provide specific heating. If the thermostat has a defect, the system will not work properly, hence won’t be able to ignite.

Possible Solutions to the Above Problems

Now that we know some of the reasons that might cause the furnace not to ignite let’s discuss a few troubleshooting tips.

  • If your furnace uses propane as a fuel, go to the gas supply unit and check the gas pressure gauge and fill value. If the pressure gauge is less than 10%, call HVAC professionals for a fill-up.
  • Replace the air filter with a new one. Call heating replacement technicians or do it by yourself!
  • If the high-limit switch is the problem, call for furnace repair in Duluth.
  • You can try to gently clean the ignition source area of an electric gas furnace. If there is a pilot light, try using a long match to burn it up.
  • Buy a new thermostat and replace it with the faulty one!

If the problem still persists, let the technicians handle the work. Call today at (770) 790-3971 for the expert technicians who can help you fix your furnace!