5 Reasons Why Your AC Stinks & How to Fix It

Staying home or coming home after a long day at work is undoubtedly one of the most delightful comforts of summer. However, it can change if you detect an unwanted smell just as you turn on your AC. Several reasons can cause a stinking smell from your AC. Some can be severe and others not so severe. Whichever may be the case, you should reach out to a professional AC repair service immediately to prevent any further damage.

We have made a list of a few common odors that customers often witness along with their source in order to help you understand the nature of the issue.

1.  AC Smells Like Feet

This kind of smell is extremely common and is related to an issue of improper drainage. Dirty or clogged air filters can lead to such unpleasant occurrences in a conditioner.

A moisture-laden AC can also give way to fungus or mildew growth. As your AC removes excess moisture from your household, it may witness moisture accumulation due to faulty drainage, therefore, giving rise to mildew or fungus. A qualified HVAC service in Cumming can eradicate all such drainage issues and make your rooms smell fresh as new.

2.  AC Smells Like Gunpowder

Your AC has an intricate network of wires and electrical boards. If there’s a short circuit in any one of such components, you’re likely to witness a gunpowder-like smell. This burning scent shouldn’t be ignored and be fixed right away. To solve this, you can call HVAC Services.

3.  AC Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

Even if your AC isn’t powered by gas, other components may give rise to such odor in your AC. AC’s engine has fluids in it that may leak out and give off a stench similar to that of exhaust fumes. Schedule a professional heating repair in Duluth to get such hazardous leaks fixed right away.

4.  AC Smells Like Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg-like smell indicates a dead animal or actual eggs that might have rotten over time. Birds and small animals often take shelter in the ducts of your Air Conditioner when it is not used over time. A decomposing body gives off a repulsive odor when you switch on your AC. Such cases require a thorough cleaning of your ductwork.

5.  AC Smells Like Skunk

A gas known as methyl mercaptan has an odor similar to a skunk’s discharge. Basically, it indicates a gas leak.This gas could flow from your air conditioning system into your eye ducts and to your household. They can be extremely dangerous to a person’s health and should be attended to immediately.

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