Ductless AC in Milton, Alpharetta, and Cumming, GA

Ductless AC in Milton, Alpharetta, and Cumming, GA and the Surrounding Areas

Ductless Installation – Cheaper

There are so many advancements in technology on a daily basis, one of which is the ductless AC systems. These systems are simply put in place to service one room or open area. There is no associated ducting and the air is pushed out through vents on the unit face. Installation of these types of units are by far cheaper than the duct types, and are completed more quickly, and with less disruption to your daily routine. Our technicians at Staton are more than qualified to undertake such an installation with complete ease and confidence. We are on hand to meet with you to evaluate the areas you want heated or cooled, and identify your requirements. We will provide you the correct size unit for the area, providing maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

Equipment – Ductless Variations

Ductless AC systems comes in two popular designs, the window wall unit and the mini split unit. The window wall unit is box shaped and is fitted through a hole which is made in the wall. The mini split unit does not require holes to be made. It is made in two parts, the condenser unit which sits outside and the control unit which is fitted inside. They are connected by associated wiring, drainage, and piping.

Benefits – Endless

These ductless units provide temperature control for each room where a unit is fitted. Each room can be regulated according to the required temperature for that specific room. There is not standardized setting for the entire home. Cost saving is always a positive factor for any homeowner. The installation and overall cost implications associated with ductless systems is far less than that of the duct types. These systems also save on utility costs as you only have to heat or cool the occupied room, whereas central type duct air conditioning heats and cools all rooms whether occupied or not. The indoor air quality of the room in which the unit is installed is enhanced, providing clean air which is allergen and pollutant free. These systems are quick and easy to install, with no advanced technical knowledge necessary. The zoning abilities of these units offers greater energy-efficiency and results in lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Saving the environment is at the forefront of every conversation these days.

Staton Heating & Air Conditioning offer great deals on ductless AC units and our installations of these units is fast, clean, and efficient. We get the job done with speed, providing a service that offers you almost no discomfort or disruption at all. Call today to find out how a ductless AC system can help to keep your home temperature controlled. 770-667-3992.

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